Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm now on the other side

It doesn't feel any different. Was it supposed to feel different? I think someone forgot to flip the switch on Saturday...

I am talking about my 30th birthday. I was actually kind of looking forward to it. I made jokes about dreading it and being so old but in reality, I'm good.

The day came and went without much fanfare. Well, except for 30 balloons staked in my yard that magically appeared overnight. I still haven't figured out who is responsible for that. People kept slowing down all day, I think they thought we were having a garage sale or something. Ha!

Anyway, I feel the same. It was pretty much a regular day except I got to take a nap and while I napped the Husband and the Boy went and got me cards and flowers. We went to supper as a family and then got a DQ blizzard cake. Of course since it was my birthday they took out all of the fat and calories and I had a nice big slice. :) My big gift was a combined Mother's day/Birthday present. I got to pick out some new running shoes since the last pair had seen too many miles. They are really great and I took them for a spin around the trails at the Capitol yesterday afternoon.

I am blessed to have another year on this earth to spend with my family and friends and I look forward to all this decade has to offer.


ValleyGirl said...

Well, happy belated birthday!!! Sounds like an awesome day. You're truly only as old as your heart is!

Kaylen said...

Happy birthday.
My family has always said that calories do not count on your birthday!!! It just seems fair and right that you can have ONE day in your life where you don't care about calories or eating healthy. Just one day!!! (then it's back to reality)