Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Well this is awkward

Sorry, didn't mean to leave y'all hangin'. Lately I just haven't felt like I had anything of use to say. Really, who wants to just listen to my daily activities. Which this summer included tennis, tball, traveling, & parks.

We are in back to school mode here at our house. The Boy is gearing up for kindergarten. We were at the school today buying uniforms and paying tuition. The Girl will be attending preschool at a local daycare 2 1/2 days a week starting after Labor Day while I go into the office.

I ran my first 5k race this last weekend. I had a goal of under 35 minutes and I can in at 35 minutes & 23 seconds. I can handle that because I did walk some. I had some lofty goals for starting to train for a 10k but I have decided to stick with 5ks for now and just work on speed. I am so so so proud of my dad. He ran his first half-marathon on Saturday. He will be 60 in a month!!!

We put over 3000 miles on our van in just over a month earlier this summer. We spent some time with family in SW Wyoming and Yellowstone. Then my little brother got married in Rapid City, SD. Now we are thinking about going to Madison, WI over Labor Day weekend to see my sister and her husband.

I'm so boring and I really have nothing more to talk about. :)


Megan said...

Well hello Kate!

Awesome on job again on your 5K! I really need to get back into running. I have been SO lazy the last month.

*Lissa* said...

I am so proud of you for doing the 5K, AND of your Dad - WOW!

Kristin @ The Krumwiede 6 said...

Welcome back my friend... you have been missed ;)

Christy M. said...

Great job on the 5K time! Really, awesome!!

Sounds like you've been tearing up the roads on foot and in your van! Wyoming is beautiful!!

And WOW for your Dad! I'm super-impressed he did a 1/2 marathon! Way to go!

Brooke said...

congrats to both you and your dad on the races!! :)