Sunday, November 23, 2008

A little nervous

We have a big family vacation coming up and to put it mildly, I am just a little bit nervous. My biggest worry is the flying. The Boy and the Girl have never flown before. I have never flown with children before. To top it all off...our first flight is at 4:30AM. Yep, that's right...AM. Pretty sure the Husband and I won't go to bed at all that night. Well, maybe he will. ;) I am going to be too worried about the bags and making sure everything is packed and then wondering how the kids are going to deal with the air pressure changes and their ears. Ugh. Then my worst fear is that when we get to our destination our hotel room won't be ready so we won't be able to take much needed naps.

The Husband and I are very very excited though. The last time we took this vacation we went without kids and it just didn't feel right to us so we decided to take the kids with us this time. We are down to 9 days!!! YIPPEE!!

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